For the sake of Somebody, pp.199-200.

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FOR the sake of somebody, 

For the sake of somebody 

I cou’d wake a winter-night, 

For the sake of somebody: 

I am gawn to seek a wife, 

I am gawn to buy a plaidy; 

I have three stane of woo, 

Carling, is thy daughter ready? 

For the sake of somebody, &c. 


Betty, lassy, say’t thy sell, 

Tho’ thy dame be ill to shoo, 

First we’ll buckle then we’ll tell, 

Let her flyte and syne come too; 

What signifies a mither’s gloom, 

When love and kisses come in play? 

Shou’d we wither in our bloom, 

And in simmer mak nae hay? 

For the sake, &c. 



Bony lad, I carena by, 

Tho’ I try my luck with thee, 

Since ye are content to tye 

The haff mark bridal band wi’ me; 

I’ll slip hame and wash my feet, 

And steal on linnings fair and clean, 

Syne at the trysting place we’ll meet, 

To do but what my dame has done. 

For the sake, &c. 



Now my lovely Betty gives 

Consent in sick a heartsome gate, 

It me frae a my care relieves, 

And doubts that gart me aft look blate; 

Then let us gang and get the grace, 

For they that have an apetite 

Shou’d eat; – and lovers shou’d embrace; 

If these be faults, ‘tis nature’s wyte. 

For the sake, &c. 

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