Norland Jocky and Southland Jenny, p.200.

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A Southland Jenny that was right bony, 

Had for a suitor a norland Johny; 

But he was sican a bashfu’ wooer, 

That he cou’d scarcely speak unto her, 

Till blinks of her beauty, and hopes o’er siller, 

Forc’d him at last to tell his mind till her. 

My dear, quoth he, we’ll nae langer tarry, 

Gin ye can loo me, let’s o’er the march, and marry. 



Come, come away, then my norland laddie, 

Tho’ we gang neatly, some are mair gaudy; 

And albeit I have neither gowd nor money 

Come and I’ll ware my beauty on thee. 



Ye lasses of the south, ye’r a for dressing; 

Lasses of the north, mind milking and threshing; 

My minny wad be angry, and sae wad my dady, 

Shou’d I marry ane as dink as a lady. 

For I maun hae a wife that will rise in the morning, 

Crudle a’ the milk, and keep the house a scaulding, 

Toolie with her nibours, and learn at my minny, 

A norland Jocky maun hae a norland Jenny



My father’s only daughter and twenty thousand pound, 

Shall never be bestow’d on sic a silly clown; 

For a’ that I said was to try what was in ye. 

Gae hame ye norland Jock, and court your norland Jenny

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