The auld yellow hair’d Laddie, p.201.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

THE yellow hair’d laddie sat down on yon brae, 

Crys, milk the ews lassy, let nane of them gae, 

And ay she milked, and ay she sang, 

The yellow hair’d laddie shall be my goodman

And ay she milked, &c. 


The weather is cauld, and my claithing it thin; 

The ews are new clipped, they winna bught in; 

They winna bught in tho’ I shou’d die, 

O yellow hair’d laddie, be kind to me: 

They winna bught in, &c. 


The good wife cries butt the house, Jenny, come ben, 

The Cheese is to mak, and the butter’s to kirn. 

Tho’ butter, and cheese, and a’ shou’d sour, 

I’ll crack and kiss wi’ my love ae haff hour; 

It’s ae haff hour, and we’s e’en mak it three, 

For the yellow hair’’ laddy my husband shall be. 

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