The Soger Laddie, pp.214-215.

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MY soger laddie 

Is over the sea, 

And he will bring gold 

And money to me; 

And when he comes hame, 

He’ll make me a lady, 

My blessing gang with 

My soger laddie. 


My doughty laddie 

Is handsome and brave, 

And can as a soger 

And lover behave; 

True to his country, 

To love he is steady, 

There’s few to compare 

With my soger laddie. 


Shield him ye angels, 

Frae death in alarms, 

Return him with lawrels 

To my langing arms. 

Syne frae all my care 

Ye’ll pleasantly free me, 

When back to my wishes 

My soger ye gie me. 


O soon may his honours 

Bloom fair on his brow, 

As quickly they must, 

If he get his due: 

For in noble actions 

His courage is ready, 

Which makes me delight 

In my soger laddie. 

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