Sang XIX., p.229.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

Bush aboon Traquair. 


Sung by Peggy, p. 70. 


AT setting day and rising morn, 

With soul that still shall love thee, 

I’ll ask of heaven thy safe return, 

With all that can improve thee. 

I’ll visit oft the birken-bush, 

Where first thou kindly told me, 

Sweet tales of love, and hid my blush, 

Whilst round thou didst enfold me. 


To all our haunts I will repair, 

By greenwood-shaw or fountain; 

Or where the summer-day I’d share 

With thee, upon yon mountain. 

There will I tell the trees and flowers, 

From thoughts unfeign’d and tender. 

By vows you’re mine, by love is yours 

A heart which cannot wander. 

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