Sang XX., pp.228-229.

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Bony gray ey’d Morn


Sung by Sir William, p. 74. 


THE bony gray eyed morning begins to peep, 

And darkness flys before the rising ray, 

The hearty hynd starts from his lazy sleep, 

To follow healthful labours of the day, 

Without a guilty sting to wrinkle his brow, 

The lark and the linnet tend his levee, 

And he joins their concert, driving his plow, 

From toil of grimace and pageantry free. 


While fluster’d with wine, or madden’d with loss, 

Of half an estate, the prey of a main, 

The drunkard and gamester tumble and toss, 

Wishing for calmness and slumber in vain. 

Be my portion health and quietness of mind, 

Plac’d at due distance from parties and state, 

Where neither ambition or avarice blind, 

Reach him who has happiness link’d to his fate. 

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