Song XXIX., pp.279-280.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

THE ordnance a-board, 

Such joys does afford, 

As no mortal, no mortal, no mortal, 

No mortal e’er more can desire: 

Each member repairs, 

From the tower to the stairs, 

And by water whush, and by water whush

By water they all go to fire. 


Of each piece that’s a-shore, 

They search from the bore; 

And to proving, to proving, to proving, 

To proving they go in fair weather: 

Their glasses are large, 

And whene’er they discharge, 

There’s a boo huzza, a boo huzza, a boo huzza, 

Guns and bumpers go off together. 


Old Vulcan for Mars

Fitted tools for his wars, 

To enable him, enable him, enable him, 

Enable him to conquer the faster: 

But Mars, had he been 

Upon our Woolwich green, 

To have heard boo huzza, boo huzza, boo huzza, 

He’d have own’d great Marlborough his master. 

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