Song XXVIII., pp.278-279.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

FArewell, my bonny, bonny, witty, pretty Maggy

And a’ the rosie lasses milking on the down: 

Adieu the flowry meadows, aft sae dear to Jocky

The sports and merry glee of Edinborow town: 

Since French and Spanish louns stand at bay, 

And valiant lads of Britain hold ‘em play, 

My reap-hook I maun cast quite away, 

And fight too like a man, 

Among ‘em, for our royal queen Anne


Each carle of Irish mettle battles like a dragon: 

The Germans waddle, and straddle to the drum; 

The Italian and the butter bowzy Hogan Mogan: 

Good-faith then, Scottish Jocky mauna ly at hame: 

For since they are ganging to hunt renown, 

And swear they’ll quickly ding auld Monsieur down, 

I’ll follow for a pluck at his crown, 

To shew that Scotland can 

Excel ‘em for our royal queen Anne


Then welcome from Vigo

And cudgelling Don Diego

With strutting rascallions, 

And plundering the galleons: 

Each brisk valiant fellow 

Fought at Rondondellow

And those who did meet 

With the Newfound-land fleet; 

When, for late successes, 

Which Europe confesses, 

At land by our gallant commanders; 

The Dutch in strong beer, 

Shou’d be drunk for a year, 

With their general’s health in Flanders

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