The Bison, or Wild Ox, pp.43-44.

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   IS bred chiefly in the northern parts of the world, viz. Muscovy, Scythia, &c. He is as big as a bull or ox, being maned about the back and neck, like a lion, and his hair hanging down under his chin, or nether lip, like a large beard. He has a rising, or little ridge, along his face from his forehead down to his nose, which is very hairy; his horns are large, very sharp, and turning towards his back, like those of a wild goat on the Alps. He is of such strength, that he can, (if some writers may be believed) toss a horse and his rider; with his tongue, which is hard and rough, he can wound the flesh of man. His hair is red, yellow or black; his eyes very large and fierce. He exhales a smell somewhat like that of the musk-cat, and his flesh being of a strong, disagreeable taste, is not fit for eating. 

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