The Cameleopard, or Giraff, pp.44-45.

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   HERE Nature seems to have forgotten her general rules of symmetry, in giving to this extraordinary quadruped, a small head with a large body, and fore feet much longer than the hinder ones, without letting us into the secret of her reasons for composing such a shape. This curious animal is found in the remotest part of Africa. His head, which resembles that of a horse, is armed with two small horns, blunt, and of iron colour; the hair which covers the body is a beautiful brown, variegated with white spots; he feeds on vegetables entirely, and is obliged to spread his fore feet very wide in order to reach the ground. His timidity is equal to his strength, and an animal, that might fight a bull, may be led by a child with a small line or cord about his neck. It is said that the flesh of this animal is a pleasing and wholesome food. 

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