Gallery No. 4.

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Lent by Kerr & Richardson.
Born in Glasgow, 1712; died, 1775.
Printer and publisher. Brother of Robert, who was the first to establish a school of the Fine Arts in Britain. For thirty years the firm of Robert and Andrew Foulis produced a series of editions of the Latin and Greek Classics, which, for beauty of print and fidelity of text, were not equalled by any publications of the time. In 1753, Robert Foulis, having visited Italy and engaged teachers, founded in Glasgow his Academy of the Fine Arts. He formed a collection of 459 pictures, numerous drawings by eminent masters, engravings, and casts from statues, for the artistic instruction of the people of Glasgow; but the effort was premature, and the collection was dispersed, the pictures being sold in london in 1776. The casts were actually broken into pieces by workmen, so little were they cared for. (See Nos. 2184-2224.)
PAINTER – McCulloch.
Lent by the Council of the Royal Scottish Academy.
168. JOHN GRAHAM GILBERT of Yorkhill, R.S.A.
Born, 1794; died at Yorkhill, Glasgow, June 4th, 1866.
Portrait painter. His father was a West India merchant. He showed so much ability and such a strong predilection for art, that he was permitted to follow the path which he had marked out for himself. He became a student of the Royal Academy, London, and gained first the silver and then the gold medal. He then went to Italy, and remained two years. He settled first in Edinburgh, latterly in Glasgow. Though rich, he followed his profession to the last with great industry, filling up spare time by painting female figures in Italian or Scottish costume. He married, in 1834, Jane, niece and heiress of Andrew Gilbert of Yorkhill. He formed an admirable small collection of pictures by the old masters, which he left to his native city.
PAINTER – John Graham Gilbert, R.S.A.
Lent by John Hamilton Smith.
Born at Glasgow, 1767; died at Glasgow, 1843.
Architect. Hamilton Palace, the Glasgow Royal Exchange, the Western Club House, with many other public buildings in the City, and many country houses in the West of Scotland, testify to his eminence in his profession.
PAINTER – Sir Daniel Macnee, P.R.S.A.
Lent by the Corporation of Glasgow.
Born, 1805; died at Edinburgh, 1867.
Landscape painter. Of his early position and prospects little is known. His ardent temperament and love of art led him to embrace the career of an artist. He studied first in Glasgow, and subsequently in Edinburgh. Returning to Glasgow, he was commissioned by Provost Lumsden (No. 462) to paint some large landscapes, and his success in these brought him into notice. He painted many fine pictures, gaining a very high reputation in his native country for the truthfulness, vividness, and poetical feeling which he threw into all his work.
PAINTER – Sir Daniel Macnee, P.R.S.A. This picture has been engraved by J. Smyth.


Lent by Mrs. Maxwell, The Cottage, Irvine.
Born about 1733; died, 1807.
Entered the Dutch service (Scottish Brigade) in 1765, from which he retired with the rank of Captain, and a pension in 1774. His commissions from the Dutch government (Nos. 1026 and 1027) and his walking-stick (No. 1696) are exhibited. The hero of Lockhart’s “Lament.” Son of David Patoun, physician in Glasgow, and Agnes Baxter; brother of Peter Patoun (No. 345). (See Nos. 1018-1024, 1320, 2573-2575.)
Pen and ink sketch, from an engraving.


Views., pp.184-185.



Lent by Mrs. Arthur Alison.
553. The Clyde at Barclay’s Slip, Stobcross. Site of Finnieston Ferry. Oil.


Charters, Burgess Tickets, &c., In Side Case., pp.231-251.



Lent by the Corporation of Glasgow.
970. Letter from King Charles II. to the Magistrates of the town of Glasgow, asking them to send him thirty sufficient carters and twenty workmen for the service of the train of artillery, and also eight carts with their furnishings. Royal Camp, near Larbert, 19th July, 1651. Superscribed by the King.


Lent by the Corporation of Glasgow.
971. Signature of Warrant for Charter, by King Charles I., authorising a Charter under the Great Seal to be granted to the Provost, Bailies, Council, and Community of the City of Glasgow, confirming all their previous charters, lands, rights, and privileges, dated 16th October, 1636. Superscribed by the King, and subscribed by the Earl of Traquaire, Lord High Treasurer, and other Officers of State.


Lent by the Corporation of Glasgow.
972. Letter by King William to “our trusty and well-beloved the present Magistrates and Town Council of our City of Glasgow,” authorising them to choose their own Provost for the ensuing year. Given at Hampton Court, 19th September, 1689. Superscribed “William, K.”; subscribed “Melvill.”


Lent by the Corporation of Glasgow.
973B. Indenture between the Provost, Bailies, and Community of Glasgow and the Prior and Convent of the Friars’ Preachers as to the feuing of certain roods adjacent to the Friars’ Place and Cemetery. 12th June, 1467.
A translation of this Indenture is given in “Scots Lore” for February, 1895.


Lent by the Incorporation of Gardeners.
1081. Minute Book of the Incorporation of Gardeners from 18th November, 1626, to 29th November, 1688.


Lent by William Henry Hill, LL.D.
1089. Notarial Instrument upon the “Appointment” of “discretus vir Dns. Jacobs Hyll” to the parsonage of the parish of Govan, taken in the hands of “Johannes Wythirspoun, presbit. Glesguen. Diocs. publicut apostolica auctoritate Notarius.” 14th June, 1549.


Domestic and Miscellaneous Articles (continued.), pp.334-335.



Lent by Mrs. G. W. McEwen Bremner.
1305A. Spinning Wheel, about 1790. In possession of the lender’s family for at least sixty years.


Lent by Mrs. Hutcheson.
1562. Leather Pocket Book, “William Stalker, Glasgow, 1763.”


Lent by Mrs. Maxwell.
1839. Watch. Belonged to the Maxwell Family.


Lent by William Cassells.
1841. Watch. Presented by Thomas Campbell, the Poet, to his sister. (see No. 162.)


Lent by John Guthrie Smith.
1858. Seal. Belonged to Provost William Smith of Carbeth-Guthrie (No. 206.)


Lent by Miss Baillie, London.
1861. Gold Harp Brooch. Presented to Joanna Baillie, the Poetess (No. 495), by Sir Walter Scott, in 1810. (See No. 2632.)


Lent by Mrs. Young of Stanhill Court.
1874A. Red Cornelian Heart-shaped Locket and Gold Charm. Presented to a lady by Sir John Moore (No. 226) prior to his departure for the Peninsula, 1808.


Lent by Mrs. George Graham Thomson.
1886. Fawn-coloured Satin Waistcoat, embroidered with gold and silver thread. Embroidered by Miss Helen McCall for her future husband, Mr. Andrew Thomson of Faskine, and worn by him at their marriage, 13th November, 1749. (See No. 1879.)


Lent by the Corporation of Glasgow.
1903. Beaver Bonnet, dyed blue. Worn by a lady early in last century.


Lent by Mrs. Beltch.
1904. Cocked Hat. Worn by a Bailie of Anderston in last century.


Lent by the Corporation of Glasgow.
1905. Grey Beaver Hat. Worn by a gentleman, previous to the introduction of the silk hat.


Lent by John McCallum.
1911. Three Samplers.