Alexander, Second of that Name (1214-1249), King of Scotland, pp.38-57.

The 8 of the ids of December this same zeire [1214], Alexander, K. Williams sone, wes, by the nobility and wthers, conwayed to Scone, and ther solemly crouned; at quhosse coronatione assisted William de Boyes, the Lord Chanceler; Walter, Bis: of Glasgow, and Robert, electe of Rosse; Dauid, Earle of Huntingtone, the Kings wnckell, almost broken withe age; togidder with the Earles of Athole, Angus, Menteithe, Buchan, &c.

The 5 of October this same zeir, deyed Johne, Bis: of Dunkeldeen; in quhosse place succeidit Hew, Abbot of Newbotell. 



In the zeire 1215, Donald Bane, the sone of Mack-William, and Keneth Mack-Acht, with the sone of a pittey King of Irland, and a good armey, invadit the heighe lands. Against quhom Machentagar leweys ane armey, and with them feights a werey bloodiey and creuell batell, quhom he totally ouerthrowes, the 17 day of Julay, and solemly presents the rebells heads to the King; for wich so gude seruice the King solemley knights Machentagar, and giues him a zeirly pensione during his lyffe.

This same zeire, also, K. Alexander, with ane good armey, beseidges the castell of Norham; bot shortly therafter raisses the same, and passes to Felton Castell, quher the haill barrons of Northumberland meitts him, suears to him ane othe of fealtey, and does him homage.

The 5 of Nouember this same zeir, lykwayes, deyed Philip de Wallons, Chamberlaine to K. William, and wes interred at the abbey of Melrosse.

This same zeire, also, ther was a generall councell haldin at Rome; and the churche of Scotland send as commissioners therto, William Malvocine, Bis: of St. Andrewes; Walter, Bis: of Glasgow; Britius, Bischope of Murray; and Henrey, Abbot of Kelso.



In the zeire 1216, in the mounth of Januarij, the barrons of Zorkeshyre, in England, hauing come wnder the protection of K. Alexander, did ther homage, and gaue him ther othe of fidelity at Melros Abbey; wich K. Johne of England heiring, in grate furey, with a flying armey of Reittors, or Alman horsmen, he destroyed ther willages and farmes with fyre and suord; he brunt the touns of Warke, Alnwick, milford, Morpethe, and on the 17 of Februarij, Berwick and Roxbrughe, quher he spared nather sex nor age, tormenting young and olde with all the tortures tyraney coulde dewisse; and one the 21 of this same monthe, lykwayes, he brunt Hadingtone.

This same zeir, K. Alexander, with a grate armey, befor K. Johnes eyes, inwads England with fyre and suord, and in his returne beleauguers Carleill, wich was randred to him 22 of Agust this zeire; and therafter with displayed baner, in dispyt all that K. Jhone could doe in the contrarey, marches troughe England to Dower, quher he meitts Ludouicke, the Dolphine of France, quho had entred England this zeir with a grate armey, in ayde of the barrons of England aganist K. Jhone, quher K. Alexander, as a barrone of England, did homage to Lodowick, as did the remanent barrons of that kingdome, at London, quher Lodouicke and all the Englishe barrons solemley suore, hauing takin the sacrament, that none of them should euer make peace with the K. of England without the K. of Scotland. In this jorney of K. Alexanders, Eustace de Vesci, his brother in law, was killed at the seidge of Bernard Castle. In the kings returne home, K. Johne thinkes to intrape him at Newwarke wpone Trent, quher he cuttes the bridge; bot the day befor the kings approche, miserable K. Jhone deyes, poysoned by a mounke, leauing to King Alexander the spoyle of hes campe and toune, quherwith hes souldiours wer gratumly enriched. 



In this zeire, 1217, Guallo, the Popes Legat, comes to Scotland, excommunicates K. Alexander, with hes quholl nobility and gentrey, and interdicts the kingdome from the wsse of aney religious exercisse, and solemly, with booke and bell, cursses all of quhatsvmeuer degree of qualitey that had caried armes aganist K. Johne of England, nou the Popes wassals and feodatarey; wich interdictione lasted from Februarij 1217 to Februarij 1218, a quhole zeire: about wich tyme the Prior of Dursome and Deane of Zorke came to Scotland, (being sent by the English Legat,) making ther progresse from Berwick to Aberdein, and absolwed the kingdome from Guallos cursse and interdictione; and in ther returne home to England, being lodged in the Abbey of Londors, the Prior of Durseme was brunt to death in his chalmber, wich took fyre in the night by chance, (hes chamberman being verey drunke,) and he fast asleeip.

This zeire, also, Richard de Maresco is consecrat Bischope of Dumblaine.



This zeire, lykwayes, Malcolme, Earle of Fyffe, foundis the abbey of Culrosse, to wich, the 6 of Marche, was the abbot and convent of Kinlosse, translated.

The 3d of the nons of Julay this zeire, also, deyes Eua, Countesse of Galloway, the wyffe of Rouland, and mother of Allane, Earles of Galloway.

In the monnthe of December this zeire, K. Alexander hes ane interweiu with the new K. of England at Northamptone, quher he does homage to the K. of England for the earledome of Huntingtone and wthers landes he held of that croune. 



This zeir deyed Gregorey Auenell, and was interrid at Melrosse, neir to hes father, in the chancell of the churche, 21 Junij, 1219. 



This zeir, Mr James, a chanon of St. Wictor of Pisa, Penetentiarey of the Apostolicke sea, came legat to Scotland in Maij, 1221, quher he convocat a generall meitting of the haill churchemen of the kingdome at Perth.

K. Alexander, one S. Jhone Baptists day this zeire, in the citey of Zorke, with grate solemntey marries the Ladey Heane, sister to Henrey, King of England, and broght her home the fourt of Aguste, to Roxbrughe.

After K. Alexander and hes Queins home coming, he marries his sister, the Ladey Margaret, with the especiall adwysse and consent of Henrey, King of England, to Hubert de Burgo, Grate Justiciarey of England. 



This zeire, 1222, Peiter de Vallons, be the adwisse of K. Alexander, maried Adela, the widow of Sr Walter de Lindesay, and himselue went to Rome and obteined a dispensatione from the Pope, they being vithin degres prohibit by the canon law.

In this zeire, lykwayes, Adam, Bis: of Cathnes, is killed by Johne, Earle of Cathnes, togider with a monke that attendit him, named Serlo. This Earle Jhone, is pardoned by K. Alexander; (in respecte the Bis: was killed by hes men, by hes knowledge, quhill he was leading poore peoples corne too auaritiously;) zet hes pardon cost him, forby a grate somme of monay, the 3d pairt of hes earledome; and to the said Bis: wes elected Gilbert, Archdeane of Murray. 



In this zeire, 1223, died Philip, K. of France, about the 43 zeire of his age; and about this same tyme came the Ladey Isabell, King Alexanders sister, home to Scotland, from the Englishe captiuitey, as zet wnmayried.

This same zeire, K. Alexander, with grate solemitey, keipt his birthe day at Forfar; from quhom, at that tyme, John, Earle of Cathnes, for a god soume of redey money, redeimed from the King the 3d of the earledome of Cathnes, wich in the former zeire he had quytclaimed to the King for the death of Bischope Adam; bot the said Earle in his returne home, being besett by his enimnes, was killed.

In this zeire, lykwayes, deyed Gilberte, Earle of Stratherne, that foundit the abbey of Incheoffray.

This same zeire, also, K. Alexander lewies ane armey, and takes Gilespick and hes three sonnes, with Roderick, the remaining fyrebrands of Mack-Williams rebellion in Strathnawerne, and hanges them with diuersse of ther followers one gibbets. 



In Marche this zeire, 1224, the estaits of the kingdome gaue to the King a supplie of 10,000 poundes in money, to helpe to marey hes sisters. 



In Maij 1225, deyed that gallant knight, Sr Arnold de Dalkeith, knight, and wes interred in the bodey of the queire of the abbey church of Melros; to quhom succidit his daughter Ada, therafter maried to Adam, the sone of Earle Arnold. 



In this zeire, 1226, deyed Lewes, the French King, and Ralphe Manliaco, Bischope of Dunelme; and in Appryle therafter, William de Boyes, Chanceler of Scotland, being much weakned with seikines, sore aganist K. Alexanders will, reseinged hes office; to quhom succidit Thomas de Streuelinge, the former Chancelers clerke, a man much beloued of the King.

This same zeire, Richard, Ducke of Cornuall, brother to the King of England, came to Scotland with a grate traine, and after he had saluted the King, went to wissit the Queine hes mother, and the Ladey Margarett his sister, (quhom he sutted in marriage) at Kingorne Castle, bot returned withoute her, in respecte hes brother the King, for reassone of stait, was against it. 



In this zeir, 1227, deyed Thomas de Streueling, Chanceler of Scotland; in quhosse place succidit Mr Mathew Scot, elected Bischope of Aberdein this same zeir, quho imediatly after hes electione did reseinge the office of Lord Chanceler; and then the King did make Mr Gilbert de Streueling Lord Chanceler in his roume.

This same zeire, also, about Witsonetyde, at Roxbrughe, King Alexander dubid diuers knights, amongest quhom was his cousin, Johne the Scot, Earle of Huntingtone, sone to hes wnckell, Dauid, Earle of Angus and Carrick.

This zeire, also, deyed William, the sone of Sr Johne Home, knight, to quhome succidit his grandechyld, Johne de Landells. 



In the zeire 1229, the foundatione of the abbey of Balmurenache, in Fyffe, being accomplished by K. Alexander and hes mother, Queine Ermagard, they sent to it the convent of Melrosse, with Allane ther Abbot.

In this zeire, also, Allane, Earle of Galloway, wente to Irland, and ther maried the daughter of Heu de Lacey, and in his returne, hauing had maney of his seruants drouned, himselue and hes ladey werey narouly escaping.

In Julay, this same zeire, deyed Malcolme, Earle of Fyffe, and wes interrid in the churche of St. Seruane, in Culrose Abbey, foundit by himselue; to quhom succidit his brother sone, named Malcolme, becausse he had no children of hes auen. This Earle Malcolme, hes nephew, thereafter married the daughter of Leueline, K. of Walles.

This zeire, also, deyed Heu, Bischope of Dunkelden; in quhosse place was elected Mr Mathew, Chanceler of Scotland, bot befor his consecratione he dyed; and then Gilbert, chaplane to Bis: Hew, was elected and consecrat Bis: of Dunkelden. 



In the zeire 1230, first of all did the Jacobin friars, and mounks called de Walle Olerum, enter Scotland.



This zeir, 1231, deyed Thomas, brother to Allane, Earle of Galloway, quho was Earle of Athole, and wes interrid in the Abbey Church of Coupar in Angus.

This same did the Minime friars first enter Scotland.

This zeire, K. Alexander gaue the gouermment of Murray to Alexander Comyne, Earle of Buchane, Lord Cheiffe Justice of Scotland.

This zeir, also, K. Alexander foundit the priory of Pluscardine, in Murray; Jhone Briet foundit lykwayes Benlein, in Ross; and Duncane Mackuloche foundit the priorey of Ardchattane, in Lorne.

This zeire, also, K. Alexander did make Allane, the sone of Walter, Grate Steuart of Scotland, Justice Generall at St. Andrewes; and William de Huntingtone was made Chanceler of Scotland.

Osbert, Bischope Dumblane, deyed this zeire, at Holyrudhousse Abbey; and William Boyes, some tyme Lord Chanceler of Scotland, also.



In the begining of this zeire, 1232, deyed Walter, Bis: of Galyow, 27 zeir of his episcopacey; and after him wes elected William Huntingtone, Chanceler of Scotland.

This zeire deyed Ralphe, Earle of Chester; to him succidit his grandchyld Johne, Earle of Huntingtone, sone to Dauid, Earle of Huntingtone, Angus, and Carricke, that foundit Londors Abbey. And in Agust following deyed lykwayes Patrick, Earle of Dumbar and Marche, quho had randered himselue religious, and was interred in the church of Egles; to quhom succidit, in the earledome, his sone Patrick, K. Alexanders sister sone, a gallant knight. 



In Januarij, 1233, deyed Queine Ermagard, mother to K. Alexander, 47 zeirs after she was married with King William, and was interred at Balmurenache Abbey.

This same zeire, Allane, Earle of Galloway, gaue his daughter in marriage to John de Balioll, and his sister to Sr Walter Bizzet.

About this tyme Clement, one of the Friars Predicant, wes elected Bischope of Dumblaine, and consecrat by Will. Bis: of St. Andrewes.

This zeir, also, deyed William Comyne, Earle of Buchane, that foundit the abbey of Deer, and wes ther interred. 



In the zeir 1234, deyed Allane, Earle of Galloway, Grate Constable of Scotland, and wes solemly interred at Dundranan, leuing hes 3 daughters his heirs, and a basse sone called Thomas. Amongst his daughters wes hes haill land dewydit; quher at his basse sone stormed, and being assisted be the comons of Galloway, raisse in armes aganist the King, to the grate disturbance of the comonweill. This Thomas, in his fathers lyffetyme, had maried the 2d daughter of the K. of Man. One this Earle, Allane, Fordone hath left us this mounkishe epitaphe.

M. semell et bis c. c. quaterI, siiungas et x ter,
Hoc anno subijt mortis Allanus iter, 
Gloria Scottorum, rosa cleri, flos laicorum. 
Dandi larga manus: jacet hic venerandus Allanus. 
Tot bona quam dederat, vix fuit, est vel erit. 
O tu qui legere, vel qui potes ista videre, 
Disce bona facere, sic mortuus et moriere. 
Qui legis hæc metra que continet hæc mea petra, 
Ores ut petra Christus me ponat in ethra. 



In the zeir 1235, K. Alexander lewies a grate armey aganist the rebellious Gallowidians, quhom he totally killed and ouerthrew. Ther leader, Thomas the Bastard, fleing to Irland, returns the nixt zeir with ane armey of Irishe, commandit by a prince sone in Irland, Gilrodache; but seeing himselue wnable to resist the kings forces, commandit by Patricke, Earle of Dumbar, and moued by the said Earle and Gilbert, Bis: of Galloway, prostrats himselue at the Kings feeit for mercey; quho is by the King forthwith sent bound to Edinbrughe Castle. The Irishes that he had brought from Irland, in ther marche towards the citey of Glasgow, had the most of ther throtts cutt, few or none escapning to Irland; 2 of ther cheiffe comanders wer apprehendit and drawein in sunder at Edinbrughe betuix foure horses.

This zeire, with grate solemnitey, the Ladey Mariona, King Alexanders sister, wes maried at Brechine, to Gilbert, Earle of Pembrocke, Lord Marishall of England; at wich wedding the Queine, with maney of the Lords and Ladeys of England wer present.

This zeire, K. Alexander the 2d, gaue 4 granges off hes forrest of Ettricke to the monastarey of Melrose, by the mediatione of William, Bis: of Galloway, quho departed this lyffe imediatly therafter; to quhosse Bischopricke wes elected one Gilbert, Master of the Chanons of Melrosse. 



In the zeir 1236, deyed that learned Bischope, Gilbert, Bis: of Dunkelden, and was interred in St. Columbans Inche; to quhom succidit Geofrey, the Kings clerke, surnamed Liueance.

This zeire, in Maij, ther was ane interweiu betuix K. Alexander and Henrey, King of England, at Neucastle, concerning diuersse grate affairs of stait, quher they did royally feast other, and departed in grate loue and amitey. 



In this zeire, 1237, ther was ane other interweiu betuix the Kinges of Scotland and England, and 24 of ther counsellers, for the space of 15 dayes, at Zorke; at ther deperture the Queine of England come to Scotland to wisit Queine Margaret, her husbands sister. 



This zeire, 1238, deyed Jeane, Queine of Scotland, at London, in England, 4 of Marche, issewless. Henrey, K. of England, and Richard, Ducke of Cornwall, her brethrin, clossed her eyes; shoe wes interred in the Nunrey Church, one Trent.

This same zeire deyed William Malwicine, Bis: of St Andrewes; and in place wes elected Dauid Bernam.

This same zeir, also, deyed Gilbert, Bis: of Aberdeine; in quhosse place was elected Ralphe de Langley, Abbot of Aberbrothocke. 



In this zeire, 1239, K. Alexander the 2d, maried to hes second wyffe the Ladey Marey, the daughter of Ingelrame de Choucey, Earle of Dreuxe, in France, at Roxbrughe; quha bure to him a sone, christned Alexander, the 5 of September in the following zeire, 1240. 



This zeire, lykwayes, deyed Allane, Justiciarey Generall of Scotland, the sone of Walter the Grate Steuart, and Lewelin, K. of Walles; to quhom succidit his sone Dauid, and Sr Johne de Normanvaill, that gallant and couragious knight.

This same zeire, Gillelinus, 2d sone to Patricke, Earle of Dumbar, the Kings sister sone, was sent ambassador to England, a wysse and prudent knight, quho gaue diuers landes to the abbey and convent of Melros. 



This zeir, 1241, deyed Walter, the sone of Allane, Grate Steuart of Scotland.

In September, 1241, the Quine is broght to bed of a sone at Roxbrughe, and christned Alexander, in the Kings entry of the 44 zeire of his age and 27 of hes rainge.

This zeire deyed Sr John Maxswoll, and was interred at Melrosse; and William, Bis: of Argyle, perished by sea.



In the mounthe of Maij, 1242, Patrick, Earle of Athole, a braue zoung gallant, the sone of Thomas de Galloway, Earle of Athole, being at a tornement in Hadningtone, and in his bed a slepe in the deid of the night, was creuelly murthered by his enimnes, and then his ludgning sett a fyre, that it might appeire that hes death hapned by chance and cassully. William Bizzet, Lord of Aboyne, by all was judged to be the committer of this willaney. Earle Patricke being dead, Dauid Hastinges did succeid him in the earldome of Athole, in right of hes wyffe, quho was Earle Patricks mothers sister.

This zeire deyed Jhone Comyne, Earle of Angus, in France; and to him, in the earldome, succidit his sone Bartrald, procreat of his countesse, Sponda.

This zeir, also, deyed Sr William Somerwaill, and wes interred at Melros; and Andrew, Bischope of Murray, and was interrid at Elgyne, in October; and in the monuthe of Nouember, lykwayes, Sr Walter de Olifard, Justice of Loutheane, and was honorably interrid at Melros.

This zeir was William Bizzet, Lord Aboyne, with his wnckells, Johne and Walter, with ther wyffes and children, by the King and estaits of Parl: forfaulted; ther landes conficat for euer to the croune, and themselues for euer exiyled the kingdomes of Scotland and England; so that ther posterity remained in Irland wntill the rainge of K. James the 2d, about wich tyme they begane to be extincte ther lykewayes. Ther relegatione was in Februarij 1243, a litle befor the deathe of Bertralde, the zoung Earle of Angus, quho departed this lyffe issewles; after quhosse deathe Sr Gilberte de Wmphraweill maried the Countesse of Angus, the mother of Earle Bertralde, and widow of Jhone Comyne, Earle of Angus, that deyed in France; this Sr Gilbert, in right of hes wyffe, became Earle of Angus, by tytle, wich he assumed to himselue.

This zeire deyed Sr Roger Auenell, and was interred by his father at Melros.

This zeire, also, a grate maney of the brughs of Scotland wer brunt; some by chance, others by invasiones of the rebells, Alexander Buchane and Jhone Read, as Hadingtone, Roxbrughe, Lanrick, Streueling, Perth, Forfar, Montrois, Aberdeine, Innernesse. To remed this eiuells, and suppresse the frinds and followirs of William Bizzet, the K. did make Sr Allane Durwarte Grate Justiciarey of Scotland; he was a braue, resolute, and wysse man, one of the best commanders in his tyme. 



In the zeir 1244, Allane, the basse sone of Thomas, Earle of Athole, and the brother of Earle Patrick, wiche was killed in reuenge of his brothers death, past ouer to Irland, and ther with fyre and suord nather sparing man nor chyld, bot destroyed all that belonged to Jhone Bizzet; for wich Johne complaind to the K. of England, and he by hes ambassador to K. Alexander, from quhom he receauid no vther anssuer, bot that Allane wes out of hes protectione, a declared rebell, and a vagabound not subiecte to hes lawes.

This zeire, Henrey, K. of England, at the instigatione of William Bizzet, raisses ane armey to invade Scotland, and comes to Neucastle, quher he was rancountred by K. Alexander, newlie recoured of his sicknes; bot by the mediatione of the Archbis: of Zorke and some noblemen, a peace was concludit betuix the tuo kings, bot aney effusione of blood. 



In Marche, 1245, deyed Ralphe, Bis: of Aberdein; and in that sea succidit Mr Peiter Ramsay, a man noblie borne.

This zeire, lykwayes, deyed the Kings cheiffe counseller and confessor, Adam Harkars, Abot of Melros, a werey learnid and wysse man. 



The bodey of Sr Henrey de Balioll, (by the booke of Melros, called Balolfor) this zeir, 1246, wes brought from St. James in Spaine, and interred at Melros.

In September, 1247, deyed Sr Thomas de Cant, at the Abbey of Melros, and wes ther interred.

This zeire, K. Alexander, with adwisse of hes 3 estaits, altred the standard of hes coyne, in a parliament holdin at St. Andrews.



In the zeire 1248, Lewes, that noble and holy King of France, with a grate maney nobles of diuers nations, and a mighty armey, marched towards the Holy Land; in wich jorney deied Patrick, Earle of Dumbar, to quhome succidit his son Patrick, and Sr Dauid Lindesay of Glenesck. This zeire, also, deyed that waliant knight, Sr Johne Craufurd, and was interrid in the cloyster of Melros Abbey. 



In Julay, 1249, about 9 a clocke in the morning, the 28 day, deyed K. Alexander, at Karnarey, in the Vesterne Isles, the 51 zeire of his age, and 35 of his rainge, and wes interrid at the Abbey of Melros, with grate funerall alemtey; after quhosse deathe immediatly deyes Geofrey, Bischope of Dunkelden, at Tibermoore, and wes interrid in the Cathedrall Churche of Dunkelden, wnder a faire marble, with this inscriptione:-

Gaufridus tumba pansat sub patre Columba.

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