4th of March

St Lucius, pope and martyr, 253. St Adrian, bishop of St Andrews, martyr in Scotland, 874. St Casimir, Prince of Poland, 1482.


Born. – Don Pedro, of Portugal, 1394. 
Died. – Saladin, 1193, Damascus; Matthias Hoe, 1645, Dresden; J. Vanderlinden, 1664, Leyden; Charles Leopold von Buch, German geologist, 1853.


On this Day in Other Sources.


Eustace de Vesci confirms to the Abbey all the lands in his fee of Wittum, which it held on the year after Alexander Prince of Scotland rendered homage to King John of England, on the morrow of the invention of the Holy Cross (4th May). This homage was not known to our historians. It may be conjectured to have taken place on the occasion of the Prince receiving knighthood at the hands of John in 1212; but if this be the case, the date generally assigned to that event must be erroneous.1

– Sketches, pp.91-121. 

1  The chronicle of Melrose gives 8 idus Martii as the date of Alexander’s knighthood, but destroys its authority by adding ad letare Jerusalem, which Sunday happened on the 4th, not the 8th March of that year.


This year, 1238, died Joan, Queen of Scotland, at London, in England, 4th of March, [childless.] Henry, King of England, and Richard, [Earl] of Cornwall, her brothers, closed her eyes; she was interred in the [Cistercian] Nunnery Church, in Tarrant [Dorset.]

– Historical Works, pp.38-57.


Mar. 4 [1568.] – The Regent granted a license to Cornelius de Vois, a Dutchman, for nineteen years, to search for gold and silver in any part of Scotland, ‘break the ground, mak sinks and pots therein, and to put labourers thereto,’ as he might think expedient, ,with assurance of full protection from the government, paying in requital for every hundred ounces of gold or silver which could be purified by washing, eight ounces, and for every hundred of the same which required the more expensive process of a purification by fire, four ounces. – P. C. R. 

– Domestic Annals, pp.35-44.


2205. Catalogue of the valuable Library of the Reverend Mr. Alexander Campbell,… To be sold by auction at R. and A. Foulis’s Auction-Room in the Old Coffee-House, on Monday the 4th of March, 1765, at 7 o’clock at Night. 1765.

The Messrs. Foulis had weekly auctions of books, presided over by Andrew Foulis, and this is one of their Sale Catalogues. The library belonged to Alexander Campbell, minister of Inverary, and shows that he was a man of learning and culture. 

– Memorial Catalogue, Gallery 1.


ROYAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH (4th March [1895]). – At the request of the council, Dr. Robert Munro gave an address on Lake Dwelling Research. He said that the comparative security afforded to birds by island retreats could not fail to have attracted the attention of man from the very dawn of his reasoning faculties, and it was probable that as soon as he acquired sufficient skill in the art of navigation to be able to cross a creek or a river he would occasionally resort to such means of protection in times of danger. From the natural to the artificial island was but a stage of transition, which in the course of time would be readily bridged over by his progressive mechanical skill. To some such sequence in the phenomena of human civilisation must be assigned the origin of these strange habitations known as lake dwellings. As a means of defence an island fort or village, rudely constructed of timbers, and situated on the shallow margin of a lake, would offer but little resistance to an attack conducted on the principles of modern warfare. It would, however, be very different when the assailants were limited to the appliances in use in prehistoric times. 

-Scots Lore, pp.173-180.

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